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There once was a bear named Hope
Who fell one day jumping  rope
She knew where to go, for the very best care
Boston is known for their doctors up there

She traveled by plane, she traveled by train
Hope even traveled in the rain
She got the best care when she got into Boston
For as you all know the Doctors are awesome

Doctors bandaged her up after her fall
Hope wasn’t too large in fact she’s quite small
Now its time to go have some fun
Hopes looking forward to enjoying the sun

Hope checked into the Inn that was very close by
And went off on a journey to see what’s nearby
She played with the ducklings, and rode on the swans
She picnicked and toured the gardens and lawns

Hope visited Fenway, she ate some  great Lobster
She even got to sit on the Green Monster
She visited schools where the kids are all smart
And stood near some statues and looked at some art

At the end of the day she’d go back to the Inn
Where little bears go when they’ve worn themselves thin 
With a fluffy fine pillow for Hopes little head
Hope fell fast asleep in her super big bed

On the very next day Hope went to the shores
She played in the sand and visited  stores
She hiked up big mountains
Hope played in the fountains

At the end of the day she returned to The Inn
She excitedly told everyone where she had been
So if your looking for Hope or perhaps looking for bears
You’ll find them at The Inn at Longwood where everyone cares